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Exploring the Use of ICT in ITT: A Research Project for the TDA

This report outlines the findings of the evaluation of the TDA's programme for funding ICT in ITT between 2003 and 2008. Analysis of programme documentation indicated that 216 ITT providers received funding during this time. In the last year for which full data was available (2006-07) ITT providers reported that some 13,222 trainees had been directly involved in, or were beneficiaries of, these projects. The highest number of participants in one project was 904 with the mean being 189. Overall, 1,515 schools were said to have been involved in projects in that one year.

The evaluation focused on assessing the programme's impact on trainers and trainees and the organisations and schools in which they were based. This final report builds on and is informed by case studies of six ITT providers undertaken in January 2009 and two previous reports: an analysis of ITT providers' application and evaluation documentation from the programme between 2005 and 2008; and a detailed analysis of a survey of 95 respondents from ITT providers undertaken in November and December 2008.

Case Studies

Click here to download a folder containing all of the transcripts to the above videos

Downloadable Resources

The following resources were created for the project:

Download iconRead the Executive Summary
A summary of the main project report

Download iconRead the full report
The full report for the project

Download iconTrainees: Digital Cameras in the Classroom
Resources from the London Case Study

Download iconUsing a Virtual Learning Environment as a digital foundation for progress and innovation
Resources from the UAE Case Study

Download iconTeacher trainers: Video conferencing and learning out of school
Resources from the Winchester Case Study

Download iconUsing a VLE: Improving reflective practice and self-assessment of progress against the QTS standards and supporting practice
Resources from the Dorset VLE Case Study

Download iconTeacher trainers: The Virtual Learning Environment community
Resources from the Leeds Case Study

Download iconTeacher trainers: Learning and teaching with laptops
Resources from the Dorset Laptops Case Study

Other Resources

Pre-project planning tool

This tool allows project leaders to assess the key mediating and moderating factors before implementing an ICT-based project for teaching and learning purposes. It is not intended to be prescriptive but it is evidence-based, being derived from the evaluation of ICT projects funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) in the period 2004-2008.

View the Pre-Project Planning document

The So What Factor

This paper arose out of the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) information and communication technology (ICT) in initial teacher training (ITT) impact evaluation project 2008/09.

It is intended to provide an accessible resource and practical ideas and models for evaluating the impact of a technology intervention from their inception to completion.

View the So What Factor document