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Post-it problems

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CAPTION: Claire is struggling...
Claire: It's no good. I can't do this at all. All I have to do is move some Post-its around, and I can't even do that.
Debbie: Well no Claire, it isn't that easy. First, you have to work out how long a treatment takes, then you have to try and slot them in the right part of the diary, and you have to consider your profits as well.
Claire: This is stupid. I won't have to think about making a lot of money in the real world anyway. (I'll never be able to own my own salon.)
Debbie: Okay, well I tell you what. Why don't you have a five-minute break, and maybe you'll feel better when you come back?
CAPTION: Natalie sees her chance...
Natalie: Can I have a break as well?
Mark: Yes, and me?
Debbie: No, I won't see you again!
Natalie: Oh, it's all right for some people to have a break, but I can't.
Debbie: Just get on with your work. You have just over five minutes to complete this folks!
CAPTION: Elaine offers to help...
Elaine: Claire, I'll give you a hand if you like.
Debbie: Thanks Elaine.
Claire: Yes, thanks Elaine. You always know what to do while I'm the thick one...and Mark always understands. (Mind you, he is a man...)
Claire struggles with the appointments exercise, but Debbie fails to bolster her confidence.

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