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The latecomer

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Debbie: Hi all, how are you? Where are the others? I was expecting everyone to be here by now.
Claire: Well, Justine is still with Jo, and I don't know where Narinder is. (I'm not going to drop her in it.)
Debbie: Does anyone else know?
Elaine: She went home with a headache I think. She wasn't very well in Jo's lesson so Jo told her to go home and not come to maths today. (That should get her out of it. Debbie won't go and talk to Jo.)
Debbie: Okay. Well, let's get started because we need to recap last week's lesson before we move on. Right, do you remember? We were looking at the prices of different treatments.
Claire: Yes. (How can we forget? We do it every day.)
Debbie: Good. I'd like you to complete the following quiz, in pairs, and calculate the costs of each treatment, WITHOUT a calculator. You have five minutes. [While learners are completing the task, one more learner walks in.]
CAPTION: Mark is late...
Mark: Sorry I'm late. I had to go and sort out my EMA form.
Debbie: You always have to sort out your EMA form at four o'clock on a Tuesday. I think you need to go at a more convenient time ie not when you have a numeracy class.
Mark: Sorry, but I do need to get it sorted or I won't get any money. (Anyway it's better than coming to maths.)
Debbie: I know money is important, but so is your numeracy class. If you are late next week I will have to speak to Jo and I won't sign your EMA form. Now please, have a go at this quiz you have two minutes.
Mark: (I don't care if she doesn't sign my EMA form, Jo will do it anyway.)[Ten minutes later, after learning outcomes for today's session have been explained and whilst Debbie is explaining the next task, there is another very late arrival.]
CAPTION: Ten minutes later, Natalie arrives...
Natalie: [Loudly] Hi Debbie, sorry I'm late, but I'm here now. What are we doing this week? Something boring I suppose?
Debbie: Well, I'm so glad you have graced us with your presence. Why are you late AGAIN?
Natalie: I had to speak to my boyfriend he's picking me up after this class.
Debbie: So it wasn't urgent then?
Claire: It's always urgent isn't it Natalie? You have to speak to Dave every hour don't you? It's all right Debbie, they're in love!
Debbie: Thanks for that Claire, but I'll talk to Natalie later. I'll start again.
Elaine: (Not again! We'll never learn anything at this rate.)
Natalie is very late, causing wasted time at the start of the session.

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