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Module outcomes

After completing this module you will have

  • applied theories of reflective practice to a numeracy teaching context
  • developed a reflective map for further professional development
  • explored theories and methodologies relevant to the teaching of numeracy.

By completing the downloadable assessment module (see module specification) with a recognised HEI or awarding body, you will have completed the LLUK unit of assessment 'Continuing Personal and Professional Development' at Level 5.

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Professional standards

AS 4 Reflection and evaluation of their own practice and their continuing professional development as teachers.

AK 4.1 Principles, frameworks and theories which underpin good practice in learning and teaching.

AP 4.1 Use relevant theories of learning to support the development of practice in learning and teaching.

AK 4.2 The impact of own practice on individuals and their learning.

AP 4.2 Reflect on and demonstrate commitment to improvement of own personal and teaching skills through regular evaluation and use of feedback.

AK 4.3 Ways to reflect, evaluate and use research to develop own practice, and to share good practice with others.

AP 4.3 Share good practice with others and engage in continuing professional development through reflection, evaluation and the appropriate use of research.

AK 5.1 Ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and/or others to enhance learners' experience.

AP 5.1 Communicate and collaborate with colleagues and/or others, within and outside the organisation, to enhance learners' experience.