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Working together

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Abid: Okay, so let's look at the letter from the woman whose husband thinks that she's too fat and the reply. Okay - so which words did you find that you aren't sure about?
CAPTION: Joyce has a contribution to make...
Joyce: Well for me it was impartial.
Shameem: That means not taking sides, doesn't it?
Abid: Yes that's right impartiality is about not taking sides. Okay, let's see what else. I guess most of them are pretty straightforward for you all as this is sort of social language.
CAPTION: Amy is having problems with the vocabulary...
Amy: (Er, no, but I'm not saying anything. I just don't get that bit about strive to minimise your inputs to reduce your ample curves. Minimise? Inputs? Strive?)
Abid: Strive is pretty easy, we all strive to do better don't we? OK, no problems with that one and minimise, I guess you all understand?
CAPTION: Manjit is confused as well...
Manjit: (It says this here about have a revolution in your personal life and make yourself slender. I thought that was a drink?)
Abid: What do you think Shameem, consume is quite difficult isn't it?
Shameem: No it means 'eat' here, doesn't it, cos of the dieting thing. Consume less, eat less.
Abid: Yes that's right. 'Minimise your input to become slender and trim'. And 'Make sure all parties are aware of your diet', no problems there then?
Joyce: No Abid, let's continue these words are easy.
Manjit: (Trim, trim what's that mean?)
Amy: (What's that about parties? Oh right - make sure all parties are informed about your diet. Oh yeh I get it, if you are going to a party you need to let them know you aren't eating no rubbish, cakes and that, so it won't tempt you. But then what's the point?)
Abid: Okay, is everyone all right with the meanings?
Manjit: (I don't know but I'll look them up later I guess.)
Amy: I think I've got the gist of it.
Abid: So let's move on to the next one then.
Abid quickly runs through the vocabulary used in the 'problem page' exercise.

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