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An interrupted introduction

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Abid: Good morning. What a fantastic day.
Shameem: Yes and I've put my washing out, so I hope it stays dry.
Abid: Right, good to see you all here - I've had apologies from Maureen and Sophie. Today we are going to look at magazines and explore them in more detail.
CAPTION: Amy is interested...
Amy: Um, this sounds good, I like magazines.
CAPTION: But Manjit isn't impressed...
Manjit: (How dull. I want to read literature like Shakespeare, not stupid magazines.)
Abid: It will also help towards the exam as we will be doing some bits from a previous paper. We are going to do some reading first and then some writing.
Shameem: (I hate writing. There isn't much in the exam so I don't know why we have to do it.)
CAPTION: Then the interruptions start...
Amy: (This is sounding good...) [her phone goes off]
Amy: Soz, Abid [she gets up... Abid looks cross]
[Another phone goes off.]
Shameem: Oh, sorry, I must answer this.
Abid: No, Shameem, you know we do not allow mobiles in the class. Turn it off now and sit down. Amy... Turn that off and come and sit down.
Shameem: But my son...
Abid: No, no excuses... you are in class now and there is a rule.
CAPTION: Joyce comes to Shameem's defence...
Joyce: Come on Abid, you know her son is in hospital.
Amy: You let me answer my phone last week when my mum was in London.
Abid: NO [points at the classroom sign for no mobiles], no phones in class from now on, unless you have told me beforehand. We need to concentrate on the work... the exam is in a few weeks.
Abid's introduction to the session is interrupted by not one but two phones going off.

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