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The session plan

Click the Play button to hear Abid explain his planning for the session. View his session plan and click the link for more information on the theory he has used.

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This is a mixed group, in age as well as ability. They are all women, though; oh, except for Manjit of course. The original teacher left three weeks ago, so I've not really got to know them very well. They seem like a pleasant group, on the whole. They're studying a couple of different qualifications, and it's hard to manage, as I am unsure myself of the Edexcel qualifications. Most of them are studying towards the Adult Literacy at level 1.

The week before, two of them were reading a 'Chat' magazine when I came back from break. They were reading the problem page and laughing, so I thought we could do something related to that. I want to get them working together a bit more, because they tend to stick to the same groups. This way I think will be more interactive and get them moving about a bit.