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The context

You are asked to take the part of a peer observing the session of a colleague, who is teaching a group of mixed-level literacy learners. Your task is to suggest ways that his practice could be improved.

You will need to give Abid feedback on his performance, with a view to improving his development of appropriate reflective practice.

Linking reflective practice opportunities to related theory will play an important part in fostering good practice for both you and your colleague.


Abid has been a teacher for the last five years, mainly working in literacy. He recently joined the college staff after relocating with his family from another part of the country. He is a replacement for the group's previous teacher who recently retired due to ill health. Abid has taken three sessions with them so far.

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Critical incidents:
"A useful tool for reflecting on teaching is the identification of 'critical incidents'. A critical incident may be an everyday event or interaction, but it is 'critical' in that it stands out for you. Perhaps it was problematic, confusing, a great success, a terrible failure, or captured the essence of what you are trying to achieve in teaching and learning..."
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