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Working together

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Kirsten: Okay, now let's get into groups for the role play.
CAPTION: Stanislav is unsure...Stanislav: (What groups? This worries me. Perhaps I am in a group with Nemanja he knows everything in English.)
CAPTION: Nemanja has an idea...
Nemanja: Choose own groups, yes?
Kirsten: Well, let me think.
Miro: (Good, I get to talk with Nemanja - at least we are on the same level - and perhaps Kasia, she is pretty good too!)
CAPTION: Kirsten wants to take control...
Kirsten: (No wait, I'll decide the groups.)
CAPTION: But Miro has a suggestion...
Miro: Let's have me, Nemanja, Kasia - no? We are sitting already close together and we will practise language well.
Stanislav: (Good.)
Kasia: (Okay.)
Kirsten: Er... okay, all right then that seems fine, the rest of you just get into groups of three please and we'll carry on with the role play. Now listen 'cos there are three roles to play... they're on the sheet, and there are three illnesses to describe.
Miro: (Great this is going to be easy with my background, Miroslav MD... ha!)
Kirsten struggles to organise the groups for the role-play activity.

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