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Negative responses

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Kirsten: Okay everybody, I'm glad you've had a good weekend. Okay Miro?
Miro: Yes, very good.
Kirsten: Okay, let's go through the objectives of today's session. If you remember, we were doing the health service last week. What's another name for the health service... Kasia?
Kasia: N...H...S, yes...yes, NHS.
Kirsten: That's great Kasia. Okay, this week and today we're going to learn some common expressions for symptoms and match them to the formal names for them. For example a 'runny tummy' means?
Miro: I remember this... Diarrhoea, Kirsten, isn't it?
Kirsten: Yes that's right. Okay, after that we'll practise making phone calls... so that's listening and speaking. And you'll do it in pairs.
CAPTION: Miro is unimpressed...
Miro: (Not again, I've done this so many times.)
Kasia: (Great, my son is ill so this will be useful.)
Nemanja: You know I can do this, many times I have phoned this and that. It is not a problem for me, so it is boring me.
Kirsten: Well it will be extra practice and others need to do it, so let's just get into pairs for the first task shall we? Okay?
Nemanja: (Hmm, I'd rather be writing my friends in Serbia.)
Miro: (Suppose it can't hurt...)
Not everyone is pleased by Kirsten's choice of activity.

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