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The session plan

Click the Play button to hear Kirsten explain her planning for the session. View her session plan and student profile matrix and access the links for more information on the theory she has used.

When you're ready, move on to review the first stage of the session.

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It was E3, quite a good group: I knew I might be observed on the session so I pulled out the stops in my preparation. My planning was better than usual, rigorous even you might say... introduction, progression, practice, development and a range of activities to produce a role play. I could show you my session plan if you like.

I know it was an age-old topic, health, but I've really made it interesting by turning it into phoning the national health line. I mean, they could do it at home for real if they wanted to, and it's really looking at the pragmatics of the language in a communicative language teaching sense.

Anyway, I was really confident it was going to be great and it was describing symptoms, so it should have been quite easy.