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Guide: Often, evaluation can seem straightforward. Listen to Harry and Ayesha talking about their evaluation strategy.Ayesha is acting in her role as programme manager giving advice to Harry.

Ayesha: You know, Harry, I just don't think our evaluation was up to much last year.

Harry: Yes, I know what you mean. We got a lot of stuff on people's reactions to the programme but we didn't really find out much about what they'd learned.

Ayesha: That's true. We need to capture more of what the mentors and mentees have learned in terms of skills.

Harry: Yes, and I bet the senior management team are interested in whether we are meeting their staff development targets. Is our programme impacting on improving the quality of our provision? And if it is, how can we prove it?

Ayesha: It just seems like too much to cover. Where do we start?

Harry: Well, back when I was in industry we used to use a model by this bloke called Kirkpatrick. It's been around for ages but it seemed to work quite well. I'll dig it out and see if it's any use.

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