Programme manager role - Maintenance and supervision

The programme manager should carry out evaluation to monitor the success of the scheme.

The manager/supervisor should evaluate the various aspects of the mentoring programme including: the selection/pairing process; the mentor training; and the support offered during the programme.

This may be done via questionnaires, brief interviews with a number of the mentors and mentees. Dependent upon the size of the organisation, the manager/supervisor should also talk to other members of staff and identify if they were aware of the programme and if it had influenced them in any way. Focus group of mentors and one of mentees may also be appropriate to evaluate the current programme and identify lessons for future programmes.

The manager/supervisor should also be responsible for producing the final annual evaluation of the programme highlighting improvements for the continuation of the programme. (Research has shown that even 'bad' mentor programmes are better than no mentor programme). The manager/supervisor should also communicate the effect in terms of positive outcomes to the organisation as a whole.

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