Mentoring phases (different models)

Four-stage model after Rhodes, Stokes and Hampton - 'A Practical Guide to Mentoring Coaching and Peer - networking'. (2004)

Beginning phase

Developmental phase

Confirmation phase


For more details of this model go to the developing relationships section of the mentoring process.

Four-stage model - Kram (1985)

Initiation phase
During the initiation phase, both people have fantasies about the relationship. The mentee begins to feel support and respect from the mentor.

Cultivation phase
During the cultivation phase, the emotional bond deepens, and the rewards are greatest for both individuals. This is the period when the mentee grows and develops the most under the mentor's counselling and guidance.

Separation phase
During the separation phase, the mentee no longer needs the guidance and is ready for independence. This period can be uncomfortable and requires understanding from both parties.

Redefinition phase (exit strategy)
During the redefinition phase, the relationship evolves into peer friendship. The mentor relationship is no longer needed, it therefore ends. Stress from the break-up diminishes and gratitude and appreciation increase.

Four-stage model - Megginson & Clutterbuck (1995, pp 30-34)

Five-stage model - Parker Armitage (1994)

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