Ending the mentoring relationship

It is clear that Ayesha and Jay’s relationship will be replaced by a professional peer-to-peer relationship. Ayesha is quite clear about future demands on her time and makes it clear that her role as a mentor continues but with another colleague. She also provides a structured meeting opportunity that will allow Jay to review his progress in the future but not really in a mentee/mentor relationship, which essentially has been clearly signalled as being ‘over’.

Harry and Sonia still have several issues to work through. Harry clearly wants the relationship to continue and seems to want to retain his ‘senior’ partner position. Sonia has, equally clearly, outgrown the relationship and wants to move on. She doesn’t really need to engage with Harry as a peer but is willing to do so. The mentor/mentee relationship seems to be starting to reverse with Sonia taking the initiative and Harry struggling to come to terms with her new-found confidence. Harry is also concerned about the end of the scheme (organisational) and his future role as a mentor.

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