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Guide: Now let's look at two different ways of exiting a relationship. First let's look at Ayesha and Jay.

Ayesha: Well Jay, I think we're getting close to where we want to be don't you?

Jay: You mean you see me as more of a peer than a mentee?

Ayesha: Yes, absolutely. In fact I think I'll be phoning you for advice in the future.

Jay: Well, it would be good to know we could still meet to talk through things.

Ayesha: Well, that would be a useful way of winding down if we still met to catch up once a term.

Jay: Oh, I was thinking more of once a month.

Ayesha: Jay, you really don't need that level of frequency. Besides, you're part of my team so we can discuss work at the team meetings. And I have to start mentoring another new starter next week.

Jay: OK. I suppose you're right. It's been really helpful though, thanks.

Ayesha: Thanks Jay. I learnt a lot too, especially about bi-lingualism, something I didn't know about before. Let's set up a meeting now... let's say for two months time?

Guide: That seemed to go quite well. Ayesha and Jay have acknowledged that their relationship as mentee and mentor is coming to an end. Now let's see how Harry and Sonia get on.

Sonia: Harry, I'd like to thank you for all the advice you've given me. It's been really helpful.

Harry: Well, it's been my pleasure Sonia. I've really enjoyed our chats - so, long may they continue, eh?

Sonia: Well, that's just it Harry. Why are we continuing? I'm considered one of the best in the team - I've applied for the team leader's job. I'm really excited about my career prospects. You've done a great job.

Harry: Well, that's true, but you might need advice on the team leader role.

Sonia: That's just it Harry, as a team leader I would see the continuance of our mentee/mentor relationship as a waste of resources. You should be starting with someone else now.

Harry: Well, listen to you. I guess you'll be managing me soon. I suppose it's the way of the world these days, experience counts for so little.

Sonia: Come on, Harry, no one has skills like you. You need to get a new mentee to work with.

Harry: That's just it Sonia, it was only a trial scheme and the others weren't so successful as us. As soon as this finishes, that's it - I'm back on a full timetable.

Sonia: Then we must make a plan to think of ways to influence the management to continue the project. Let's take our next session, our last one, to do that, okay?

Harry: Okay, Sonia, that sounds like a good idea.

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