Reflective practice

One model that can be used to help develop reflective practice in a mentee is known as the DATA process: Describe – Analyse – Theorise – Act.

Reflection of the mentor

Describe - Share information based on observation/experience.

Analyse - Encourage the mentee to think about their previous experience. Carry out critical questioning of the learner’s assumptions.

Theorise - Propose possible theories or suggest other people who might offer advice. Work with the mentee to draw up a new theory.

Act - Support the action of the mentee and reassure them about their chosen course of action.

Reflection of the mentee

Describe - Clearly describe the issue and what I wish to do about it in order to improve.

Analyse - Identify those factors that contributed to the issue I have highlighted. These factors may be assumptions, beliefs or rules (real or imagined).

Theorise - I must consider the factors that brought about the issue and develop a theory that would fit with a new or different approach.

Act - I can put the new theory/approach into action and then employ the process again to analyse what happened in the modified situation or in the next occurrence of a similar situation.

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