Developing the relationship - dos and don'ts

Remember that:
It is worthwhile trying to define your expectations for the mentoring relationship from the start.

Like any relationship, this one takes time and commitment from both parties to evolve successfully.

The mentor need not be 'all knowing' in all areas, but should function as a facilitator. This means that the mentor should be able to assist the mentee in gaining access to needed help or expertise, without necessarily providing it first hand. Feel free to refer to other colleagues when appropriate.

Mentoring does not require a time-consuming personal relationship. The mentoring relationship may evolve into a friendship, which is fine, but a close friendship is not necessary for a mentoring relationship to work.

If the time commitment seems too great, you are probably trying to do too much.

Do not let trying to be a perfect mentor get in the way of being a good one!

Mentees need realistic role models, and mentors should attempt to model an appropriate balance between personal and professional lives.

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