Ideas for initial meetings

To-do - Take time getting to know one another
Strategies for conversation - Draw up a picture of your mentee through conversation
Mentor considerations:
Establish rapport
Exchange information
Identify points of connection

To-do - Talk about mentoring
Strategies for conversation - Ask: 'Have you ever been mentored before?'
Mentor considerations:
Talk about your own mentoring experience

To-do - Determine the mentee's goals
Strategies for conversation - Ask: 'What do you want to learn from this experience?'
Mentor considerations:
Determine if the mentee has clear aims and objectives

To-do - Determine the mentee's relationship needs and expectations
Strategies for conversation - Ask: 'What do you want out of the relationship?'
Mentor considerations:
Be sure you are clear about what your mentee needs or wants from the mentoring relationship. If you are not, encourage the mentee to think through what they want from the relationship.

To-do - Define what you will be able to do
Strategies for conversation - Ask: 'What would success look like for you?'
Mentor considerations:
Do you have an area of experience or expertise that is relevant to this person's learning goals?

To-do - Share your assumptions, needs, expectations, and limitations candidly
Strategies for conversation - Ask for feedback
Mentor considerations:
What are you willing and capable of contributing to the relationship?

To-do - Discuss opportunities and options for learning
Strategies for conversation - Ask: 'What is the most useful kind of assistance I can provide?'
Mentor considerations:
Discuss ways: learning and communication styles
Discuss the implications of each other's styles and how they might affect the relationship

Zachary, L.J.(2000)

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