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Guide: Now let's consider another area of the beginning stage, the setting of parameters for the coming relationship.

Ayesha: OK. Let's talk about our agreement or contract, although I'm pretty relaxed about these things.

Jay: Oh really. I thought we had to stick to meeting times and be committed for three months in the first instance.

Ayesha: Yes, that's true, but in other aspects we can be more flexible.

Guide: What should Ayesha say to continue the conversation and set parameters for the mentoring relationship?

Choose the most suitable option for Ayesha.

a) As far as I'm concerned, I'm here for you to contact any time, so you'll need my phone number, email and mobile number. OK?

b) Well, I try to be flexible but I have free time on Wednesday from 2.00 to 3.15 pm. That's a good time to contact me. If you need to get me any other time, contact me by email. I try to answer it every day.

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