Training mentors - Scenario - initial meeting: page 1 of 2

Guide: Developing a relationship is probably the most important part of the beginning phase of the mentoring process.

Guide: Let's examine how Ayesha tries to get her mentor/mentee relationship off to a good start.

Ayesha: Hi. I'm Ayesha. I'm your new mentor. You must be ...Jay...right?

Jay: Yes, Jay Kapur, short for Jayesh. Pleased to meet you. Have you been waiting long?

Ayesha: No, not too long. In fact you're right on time.

Jay: Thanks. I do like to be punctual.

Guide: That's a really good introduction but what do you think Ayesha should say next, as a mentor, to find out more about Jay's background?

Choose the most suitable option for Ayesha.

a) So tell me a little bit about yourself.

b) So tell me all about you! I bet you've got a really interesting background. Go on, how many brothers and sisters have you got?

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