Name: Harry Schofield (mentor)

Age: 51

Current position: Business studies lecturer in charge of Key Skills in a large urban college. Also co-ordinates Skills for Life support.

Experience: Worked in the motor vehicles industry in marketing and sales for some years then moved into teaching in 1985. Teaches business studies and key skills. Has mentored for 10 years, first, informally in a business environment and then as part of a formal scheme when he became a teacher.

Personality: Confident and supportive, Harry has definite ideas about how to help others. Uses established, traditional methods of mentoring that have proved effective in the past. He used to mentor business studies teachers but now sees himself as a bit of an expert on Key Skills communication and literacy as he has recently done the core curriculum training.

Name: Ayesha Pope (mentor)

Age: 27

Current position: Team leader for cross-college literacy development and support.

Experience: Graduated from teacher training college in 1998. Has mentored for 3 years and completed a post-graduate qualification in mentoring.

Personality: Enthusiastic, friendly and open. Ayesha is passionate about learning and is always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. She believes strongly in the value of mentoring and its role in personal development. Although trained in law she is dedicated to education. She's a high flyer who believes in the mission statement of her organisation and is determined to bring the benefits of her way of thinking to everyone she meets.

Name: Sonia Sparrow (mentee)

Age: 33

Current position: Community Education Esol and literacy teacher

Experience: Has progressed through the ranks from a volunteer position. Very experienced but very few formal qualifications.

Personality: Works well with her students and sees them as friends rather than learners. She likes the person-centred ethos of adult education. Sonia is very confident in her abilities, but can be stubborn about new ideas and although very innovative in her practice this doesn't always work in terms of student achievement. She feels the new Core Curriculum gets in the way of her students' needs and that target setting is a waste of time. She just wants to help her learners and, so doesn't see the point of further qualification.

Name: Jay Kapoor (mentee)

Age: 28

Current position: Part time ESOL tutor at several colleges

Experience: Qualified in Tefl and ESOL. Jay worked part-time for 2 years while he tried to get a job in the media. Now looking to teaching for a full-time career. He is very keen to get on and enrols on all possible staff training.

Personality: Jay never does anything half-heartedly - he wants to be the best there is. His students like his commitment and ability to understand their varied situations. Previously a high flyer aiming to work in the media, he now sees teaching and managing as his prime career path. He's meticulous, keen to learn and enjoys the paperwork side of the job as much as the teaching. He has an opinion on everything, he can seem argumentative but this is just his natural enthusiasm.

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