Example scheme requirements

Consider this example of the mentoring process from Coca-Cola. Here, a large corporation has invested in mentoring as a focused part of its human resource development strategy.

Its emphasis on a developmental needs analysis early on in the process may mean that the focus of mentoring will be on job performance issues. You may wish to take a more flexible approach and allow the mentee and mentor more leeway to set their own agenda.

Coca-Cola has a 10-part process:

   1. mentee identified

   2. identifying development needs

   3. identifying potential mentors

   4. mentee/mentor matched

   5. orientation for mentors and mentees

   6. a mentor/mentee contract drawn up

   7. periodic meetings to execute the plan

   8. periodic reports

   9. conclusion

   10. evaluation and follow-up.

Veale, D.J. (1996)

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