Each unit is divided into a number of sections. All sections can be accessed from the main menu. It is recommended that you visit the sections in the order shown on the menu, but you can go directly to any section if you wish.

The final section in each unit is the Summary. Each summary has a link to print a review document. These documents contain a summary of the main teaching points for the whole unit.

The menu screen has two additional links: 'Profiles' contains descriptions of the mentors and mentees who appear in the scenarios throughout the course: 'References' contains details of the references used throughout the unit.

Other links may appear within the sections, which give access to a variety of resources. There are three types of resource:

Many units contain scenario sections. These are introduced by a guide and feature conversations between the mentor and mentee characters. The scenarios include audio of the characters' voices. You should select the voice links to listen to this audio.