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Guide: Now let's hear from the same people once a formal scheme has been introduced.

Sonia: What a difference! I now have regular meetings with someone in the same subject area as me and because of the mentoring contract I know exactly what to expect from the sessions.My mentor seems to be able to empathise with both my work and life circumstances. It's a lot better and helps my confidence no end.

Harry: Well it's a lot different. I used to think I was a natural mentor but after the training course I realised how much I had to learn and how I'd not really been helping anyone at all.

Harry: At first I almost felt like giving up! But somehow it all clicked into place and you know what, it's made me a better teacher too!The best thing is how the whole thing is treated in a much more professional way. I've now got designated time for mentoring and regular meetings with other mentors.

Guide: Those were two views of how a formal scheme can impact upon the professional practice of both mentor and mentee.Sonia benefited from having a contract clarifying expectations and a mentor who could commit to regular meetings. Harry gained from the professional structure that a formal scheme brought.

Guide: But what benefits do you think a formal mentoring scheme could bring to an organisation?

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