Mentoring benefits

Recent research in California has shown that the students of new teachers who have actively engaged in a mentoring programme perform better than those of teachers not engaged in a mentoring programme.

'Mentors and mentees co-benefit from mentoring schemes as both improve their performance, understanding of the organisation, gain understanding and clarity of their job role, share and develop resources, develop a peer network. Further, mentors state that they improve their career opportunities and learn new ways of approaching their job.'
Thompson , M and Paek, P (2004)

'NCSL reports on mentoring head teachers in which mentees considered the experience... was particularly effective in supporting the development of problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as promoting greater self-confidence and that mentoring had stopped them from 'going under'.
Luck, C (2003)

'Another mentee, a first-year teacher declares, "The mentor teacher has acted like a lifeline to me this year. ...This was a very difficult year and an even more difficult assignment. ... Although she is unaware of this, I could not have made it without her support this year.'
Kellehar, A and Maher, J (2003)

'Indeed, literature exists which suggests that mentoring is a panacea for a variety of personal and social ills.'
Allen, T.D. (2003)

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