Mentees, mentors and their organisations have all reported a range of benefits.

Mentee benefits

Mentees said they had:

Douglas, C. (1997)

Mentees also benefited from specific strategies that mentors used in their interactions with mentees, such as coaching and role modelling, as well as opportunities for involvement in challenging assignments. Other benefits for mentees in business included company socialisation, sponsorship and friendship.

Mentor benefits

For mentors the rewards were:

Douglas, C. (1997)

Most teachers who provided mentoring assistance at least once a week reported substantial improvements to their practice. A retired teacher who had returned to his school to act as a mentor stated 'I think all of us who were mentors changed radically... Our classroom management skills changed. The way we related to other teachers in our area changed. The skills that we had to work with students in our classroom changed.'

Organisation benefits


Douglas, C. (1997)

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