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Lost in Transition Europe (LiTE)

Project aims

The LiTE (Lost in Transition Europe) project aims to understand current national strategies that support the transition from non-compulsory, or mature learners, to Higher Education (HE) and build on, or develop new, strategies and resources. The focus will predominately be on widening participation and will target non-traditional HE learners and underrepresented groups. The project aims to develop a framework for supportive strategies and resources for the transition to HE of these groups and successful completion of the first year of study. Find out more about the LiTE Project

The main activities will include:

  1. Analysis and comparison of existing strategies and resources which support the transition phase and first year of study.
  2. Development of models for implementation and an online student skills resource, plus advice and guidance materials for staff.

The outputs will include:

  1. A research report from each consortium partner providing a detailed analysis of their country's existing transition to HE strategies and resources for non-compulsory or mature learners and other underrepresented groups.
  2. A comparative study that examines the similarities and differences between each country's strategies and resources and the identification of common themes and successes.
  3. A framework of supportive strategies and models for implementation adapted for each partner's country and then guidance on implementation for other EU member states.
  4. An online student skills development resources supporting the transition journey from pre-entry through to first year of HE, complimented by materials for staff using the resource.

Project impact

The impact of this project will be to broaden understanding of issues of transition to HE across the consortium, identify good practice, develop new strategies resources and disseminate widely to other EU member states and institutions. This will inform policy makers, institutions and ultimately provide a smoother and more successful transition experience for non-traditional learners.

Online resource: The HE Transition Toolkit

This web resource provides a framework of supportive strategies and resources for the transition to higher education of non-traditional learners, such as mature students, aiming to support institutions to help them in completion of their first year of study.

Click here to visit the HE Transition Toolkit