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I CAN's Early Talk Programme:

Independent evaluation of the impact of Early Talk on addressing speech, communication & language needs in Sure Start Children's Centre settings

Dr Judy Whitmarsh, Dr Michael Jopling, Prof Mark Hadfield


These videos were produced by Soundhouse Media.

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This section outlines the findings of the evaluation and is structured around the research objectives.

Please choose the area you wish to explore from the options above.

The research objectives for the report are as follows:

Objective 1

To provide impartial evidence of how the ET programme has influenced staff and enhanced their ability to provide high quality speech, language and communication support for pre-school children.

Objective 2

To explore how the ET programme meets the needs of diverse groups of children and investigate its universality.

Objective 3

To integrate parent/carer and other perceptions of the ET programme in the evaluation.

Objective 4

To integrate perceptions of the accreditation process of the ET programme and to identify overlaps and gaps in provision.

Objective 5

To map how the ET programme interlinks with existing programmes of speech language and communication support.

Objective 6

To evaluate how the ET programme meets the recommendations of the Bercow Report (2008).